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April 3, 2012

Word Wrapping in ImageMagick

Creating an image out of text in ImageMagick is easy, if you have a static string. If, on the other hand, you have a string of varying lengths, and you want to keep the same font size, it’s an entirely different matter. The requirements: – Keep box height and width the same – Keep font [...]



March 27, 2012

Don’t Call It An App

There’s this evolution of the meaning behind “app.” From iPhones to Facebook, I encounter requests with increasing “appiness.” What is it? Or rather, what is it not? So the term app comes from “application”, and we all know you don’t really have any kind of fun in applications. You write term papers in one. Or, [...]



March 15, 2012

Adding App to Tab in Facebook

Want to add your application to a Facebook page’s tab? Use this url: Where YOUR_URL is the canvas url – the real site of the app on your domain (not the path in Facebook). More info: Apps on Facebook- Page Tabs. I posted this because I’m always searching for this link, and thought I’d [...]



November 3, 2011

Tip For Loading Feed Dialog on Page Load

The problem is: you’ve set up your Facebook JS/SDK footer. You’d like to pop up the publish dialog immediately upon page load. But you keep getting a “FB not available” error in the console, or the pop-up appears as if you’re not authenticated (and you are sure you are). The solution is to put a [...]



September 15, 2011

How to make a killer Badge

With all the tools out there, making a badge for your Facebook page is fairly simple.  Making it  spread virally can be a bit more tricky. Being the content manager  at Momentus Media I was able to learn techniques that greatly improved the effectiveness of  making a badge. Here are some tips I have found when making [...]



July 8, 2011

The post-Google+ world: A Facebook Developer’s Perspective

I’ve been working on the Facebook Platform since 2007. I got serious in 2009 as a part of the Facebook Fund. Since being a part of the Fund, I’ve been responsible for 80-90 million app installs on Facebook. Over the last 18 months with Momentus Media, I’ve been able to build fantastic social marketing apps [...]



February 14, 2011

2 reasons why Facebook sucks for branding

In these early days of social media branding, we often hear loud voices telling us the awesomeness of Facebook for building brands. The social media gurus say Facebook is great for building community, the page management companies tell us that companies must engage on Facebook, and Facebook tells us we can increase hard sales numbers [...]



January 19, 2011

Facebook Hackfest 2/3

We’re opening up our office for a hackfest! Come and enjoy some pizza, beer, and knowledge. Want to try Facebook’s Open Graph? Find out techniques to get more fans on your page, or just figure out why that one app didn’t go viral? We’ll also have some short talks on app development, social media, and [...]



January 14, 2011

Why Create a Facebook App?

The other night my friend yelled at me: “I hate Facebook!” I didn’t know if he was yelling because it was a crowded bar, or because he really truly does hate Facebook. What he’s learned, he told me later when it had quieted down, is that it’s a necessary evil in his line of work- [...]


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