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December 29, 2011

Facebook Newsfeed 98x higher CTR than Ticker

We analyzed 8 Facebook apps that we admin to see how the Ticker and Newsfeed compare in driving traffic to apps. Looking at the data in 2 different ways shows that the Facebook Newsfeed is about 100x more effective in driving traffic than Ticker. Our data set is 8 different apps totalling 67,000 installs over a [...]



August 6, 2011

Weekend Facebook Posts Shows High Interaction Rates

When is the best time to post? In this article we looked at 50,000 posts from the top 14,000 pages on Facebook to see when page admins were posting.  We wanted to find out the highest interaction day and time. With this first graph we look at frequency: Thursday shows the day with the highest number. [...]



July 26, 2011

FB Page Admins: 12 posts/day shows high interaction

What is the optimal amount one should one post in one day? In this post we look at Facebook page post frequency. Our sample set includes: 4,604 posts 2,144 pages Minimum post frequency: 0 posts/day Maximum post frequency: 12 posts/day First we wanted to see how often page admins in our sample set were posting. We [...]



July 20, 2011

Facebook Pages: Asking Questions Doesn’t Increase Interaction Rate

At recent conferences, the buzz has been that asking questions and being conversational improves your Facebook pages’ comments and likes, or, interaction rate. We define the interaction rate as the sum of the  number of likes and comments for a post divided by the number of page likes, at the time of publishing. In this [...]



July 12, 2011

Photos Generate 200% Higher Interaction Rate Than Links On Facebook

You know what they say, “Content is king.”  and while this maybe true.  In this post we examine this notion in more depth to find out which type of content gets the most interaction on Facebook. Our data comes from scraping the posts of the top 20,000 Facebook pages. Our sample size was 50,000 posts. [...]



July 12, 2011

Asking Users To “Like” Gets 216% Higher Interaction Rate

“LIKE if you had a great 4th of July Weekend!” “Did you have a great 4th of July Weekend? Tell us what you did in the comments!” We see many Facebook Page admins asking their fans to Like posts and leave comments on posts. Does this elicit greater interaction rates from fans? We analyzed 49,266 [...]


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