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December 29, 2011

Facebook Newsfeed 98x higher CTR than Ticker

We analyzed 8 Facebook apps that we admin to see how the Ticker and Newsfeed compare in driving traffic to apps. Looking at the data in 2 different ways shows that the Facebook Newsfeed is about 100x more effective in driving traffic than Ticker. Our data set is 8 different apps totalling 67,000 installs over a [...]



December 29, 2011

Social marketing in 2012: The Sponsored Loop

We’ve written extensively about the “viral loop”. The viral loop describes how content flows organically through social networks. Since the launch of the Facebook Platform in 2007, “virality” has slowly become more and more difficult to achieve. This is for two reasons: Facebook has removed and tightened up viral channels. Social applications become less novel [...]



July 14, 2011

All Facebook Feature: 9 Secrets Of Viral Marketing on FB

Chris Turizin, CEO & co-founder of Momentus Media was recently interviewed by All Facebook’s Brian Carter. Below are some quick takeaways. 9 Secrets of Viral Marketing On Facebook Click rate * share rate = viral index Create an instant emotional response Cater to 100 percent of the population Make me look sexy Amplify my emotions [...]



July 8, 2011

The post-Google+ world: A Facebook Developer’s Perspective

I’ve been working on the Facebook Platform since 2007. I got serious in 2009 as a part of the Facebook Fund. Since being a part of the Fund, I’ve been responsible for 80-90 million app installs on Facebook. Over the last 18 months with Momentus Media, I’ve been able to build fantastic social marketing apps [...]



January 19, 2011

Facebook Hackfest 2/3

We’re opening up our office for a hackfest! Come and enjoy some pizza, beer, and knowledge. Want to try Facebook’s Open Graph? Find out techniques to get more fans on your page, or just figure out why that one app didn’t go viral? We’ll also have some short talks on app development, social media, and [...]



January 6, 2011

The Importance of Brand Resonance for Virality

One important lesson we have learned in building viral apps for brands is about brand resonance. Brand resonance basically means how strongly do consumers emotionally react to your brand. As examples, a brand with high brand resonance is, Susan G. Komen for the Cure, and a brand with low resonance is Unilever. To have a [...]



December 7, 2010

How did Childhood Cartoon Profile Pics go viral?

Childhood Cartoon Profile Pics is a recent example of an organic viral meme.  It’s interesting to examine viral memes not driven by an apps, because the virality must be particularly high to overcome the friction of manual effort required from users.  What are the elements driving this meme? Facebook users posted the following texts in their [...]



November 20, 2010

“What the Fuck” viral strategy

We’ve loved watching the What the Fuck? viral apps of the last year. Here are three great examples we know about.  If you know any more, please leave in the comments. Check out the Alexa traffic stats for these three: Ranking #1 WTF Obama #2 WTF Social Media #3 WTF Dinner Why is [...]


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