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July 12, 2011

Photos Generate 200% Higher Interaction Rate Than Links On Facebook

You know what they say, “Content is king.”  and while this maybe true.  In this post we examine this notion in more depth to find out which type of content gets the most interaction on Facebook. Our data comes from scraping the posts of the top 20,000 Facebook pages. Our sample size was 50,000 posts. [...]



July 12, 2011

Asking Users To “Like” Gets 216% Higher Interaction Rate

“LIKE if you had a great 4th of July Weekend!” “Did you have a great 4th of July Weekend? Tell us what you did in the comments!” We see many Facebook Page admins asking their fans to Like posts and leave comments on posts. Does this elicit greater interaction rates from fans? We analyzed 49,266 [...]



July 11, 2011

Better Luck Bootstrapping with B2B

Now that we’re a startup with some success, we meet a lot of people who want to learn from our story.  Since we started playing with Facebook over a year ago, we’ve built Facebook apps and marketing campaigns used by millions of people.  But one of the things people find most interesting is how we [...]



July 8, 2011

The post-Google+ world: A Facebook Developer’s Perspective

I’ve been working on the Facebook Platform since 2007. I got serious in 2009 as a part of the Facebook Fund. Since being a part of the Fund, I’ve been responsible for 80-90 million app installs on Facebook. Over the last 18 months with Momentus Media, I’ve been able to build fantastic social marketing apps [...]



July 7, 2011

3 Types Of Facebook Promotions

In a previous blog post we sought to define and list the benefits of a Facebook promotion.  In this post we will talk about the different types of promotions their general cost, strengths and weaknesses. We  noticed 3 types of Facebook promotions.  They are: Give stuff away Create content to share Let users give stuff away [...]



July 2, 2011

5 Take Aways From #AFExpo 2011

San Francisco, Ca June 28-29th, 2011, UCSF Mission Bay Conference Center, the AF Expo took place.  Here are 5 quick take aways from the expo. 1. Metrics and results- Metrics and results was a topic of conversation. The standard for success on Facebook is still under debate and it appears that people are eagerly waiting [...]



June 21, 2011

Looking at Facebook Pages: Engagement & Visibility at #AFEXPO

Chris Turitzin, CEO & co-founder of Momentus Media will be speaking on a panel, Facebook Pages: Engagement & Visibility at AFEXPO, June 29, 2011, at 11:05-12:00.  AFEXPO is put on by Mediabistro, All Facebook and Social Times and is, “Your how-to guide to Facebook marketing and development.” Panelist include:  Brian Carter (CEO, FanReach), Mark Curtis (President & Founder, enter: new [...]



June 9, 2011

What is a Facebook Promotion?

What exactly is a Facebook promotion and why should you run one? We’ve spent the last year building Facebook promotions for brands such as Buick, PETA, Red Vines, and The Black Eyed Peas. Based on our work experience, I’ll throw out our definition of a Facebook Promotion. A Facebook promotion is a marketing campaign that [...]



May 31, 2011

Choosing The Best Facebook Promotion For Your Brand

We’re hosting a meetup for the Social Media and SEO Society of SF at our offices this Thursday night (6/2 6pm) if you’re interested. We’ll have some drinks and snacks! Event details at the MeetUp site. About this Meetup: In our last Meetup we talked about the elements that make up a viral Facebook campaign. [...]



February 14, 2011

2 reasons why Facebook sucks for branding

In these early days of social media branding, we often hear loud voices telling us the awesomeness of Facebook for building brands. The social media gurus say Facebook is great for building community, the page management companies tell us that companies must engage on Facebook, and Facebook tells us we can increase hard sales numbers [...]


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