Posting To Your Facebook Feed as Page, not User

author: Anna date: January 25, 2011

You want to post to your Facebook page’s feed, from an app, and have it appear as the page owner/admin, not as an individual, right? It used to be one way, now it’s another.

1- Get permissions with “manage feed” between the app, the user, and the page. Let’s call this access_token1.

2- Using that access token, query the graph “/accounts” connection, and match on page_id. Once you get that, grab the access token, yes, it’s another one. Let’s call that access_token2.

3- Post to the feed using the 2nd access token, only. Don’t need to pass actor_id or anything.

Code sample, which starts with the original access-token. This token used the permissions “manage_pages”

$facebook = initFacebook();

   $accounts = $facebook->api('/accounts?access_token='.$access_token1);
   foreach($accounts as $account){
       if($account['id'] == $your_page_id){
               $access_token2 = $account['access_token'];
   $args['access_token'] = $access_token2;
   $args['name'] = 'test post';
   $args['description'] = 'Test Description';
   $responseId = $facebook->api($your_page_id.'/feed', 'post', $args);

No error handling, but you get the idea.

You used to use “actor_id”, then there was some rule about not posting “relevant content,” and perhaps this is the latest effort to control that. I also saw a bad link in the documentation to an accounts page without access_tokens, which was very misleading. Please comment if you have any contribution, improvements, etc.

Helpful links:
- Buzogány László ‘s comment on the API Reference page, very useful code sample
- Stefan & my thread on this issue long, and wandering, but we got there eventually.
- the FBJS stream.publish page
- the stream attachments documentation
- engelsols’ comment in the Forum on this thread
- the API documentation here – – isn’t wrong per se, now that I understand what they’re talking about. It’s just vague, and doesn’t include code samples.

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  • Eric

    Thanks for posting this! It helped get me on the right track, even though for whatever reason the /accounts API call wasn’t working for me. I had to visit the full Graph API url in the browser to get the list of pages, but I was so excited to get the page access_token I didn’t think too much about why!

  • Dihaz

    I am getting this error :(
    GraphMethodException: Unsupported get request.

  • banane

    Glad it worked! Note: you have to use the first access_token to get the second (accounts) access_token.

  • banane

    try printing out your request, and copy and paste that into a browser url, and you’ll get a more explicit response (or use catch-FacebookApiException $e) and print out the $e. Also, see note below- you need an access_token to ge the second access_token.

  • Ben S.

    Thank, you, thank you, thank you.

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