What We Do

We are specialists in virality, and we work with brands to make their messages most shareable and spreadable. We offer social application design, development and strategy consulting.


We specialize in identifying the most sharable aspects of a brand, bringing them to the surface, and building viral promotions that excite people and spread brand messages far and wide.

We build massively viral marketing campaigns on the Facebook Platform. We’re able to expand your brand’s reach in acquiring new users/Likes.  If you already have a passionate audience our apps engage your existing fanbase and generate continued excitement by bringing coolness and relevance to your brand.

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Viral Promotion Design

Do you want to make a big splash on Facebook? We are focused on designing and building novel and wildly sharable promotions that will spread your brand virally. See our Case Studies to see how we have gathered millions of Facebook fans for all types of brands. We will work with you to determine your brands most sharable attributes and design a promotion around those.

Facebook App Development

We deeply understand the Facebook platform technically. Our development team not only offers efficiently built scalable applications, but also a UI sense to make these applications massively sharable.

Strategy Consulting

Social Media is a chronological art. We work with clients to design promotion calendars over 6 month or 1 year periods. These calendars are designed to take advantage of special events throughout the year, build a brand platform, and plan ad spend.

Want your Facebook fans to engage and share your brand?

We are specialists in virality. We look at how people share and why people share on Facebook. Learn more about creating your own viral Facebook app today.