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December 14, 2011

We’re Hiring: Project Manager

Dear Internet friends, We’re looking for an awesome project manager to join us at Momentus Media! Know someone? Please share this posting. Thank you! -Momentus Media Team Full description here



November 3, 2011

Tip For Loading Feed Dialog on Page Load

The problem is: you’ve set up your Facebook JS/SDK footer. You’d like to pop up the publish dialog immediately upon page load. But you keep getting a “FB not available” error in the console, or the pop-up appears as if you’re not authenticated (and you are sure you are). The solution is to put a [...]



October 12, 2011

3 ways To Engage Facebook Fans Using Holiday Apps

Everyone can relate to the holidays as a time to bring people together.  The holidays are a time of celebration, reflection, remembrance and catching up with our nearest and dearest. It is a time for to connect with one another and share. Sharing can be in the form of gifts, proclamations of new goals, and retelling [...]



August 10, 2011

50% Of Clicks Happen Within 1 Hour Of Posting

How long do users interact with a Facebook post after it has been posted?   We looked at over 250,000 clicks on Facebook posts to better understand the life of a post. To see how a post fared over time, we found the percentage of total clicks that occur within each minute after posting. This [...]



August 10, 2011

Lengthy Facebook Status Updates Show Higher Interaction Rates

In this post we look at the length of status messages on Facebook. We wanted to find out how the length of status messages effects user interaction (1). We looked at 700,000 Facebook posts and pulled 60,000 status updates. First we determine how often Facebook page admins are posting with relation to the character length of the post. This [...]



August 9, 2011

We’re hiring!

Dear Internet friends, We’re looking for an awesome sales person to join us at Momentus Media!  Know someone?  Please share this posting. Thank you! -Momentus Media Team



August 6, 2011

Weekend Facebook Posts Shows High Interaction Rates

When is the best time to post? In this article we looked at 50,000 posts from the top 14,000 pages on Facebook to see when page admins were posting.  We wanted to find out the highest interaction day and time. With this first graph we look at frequency: Thursday shows the day with the highest number. [...]



July 26, 2011

FB Page Admins: 12 posts/day shows high interaction

What is the optimal amount one should one post in one day? In this post we look at Facebook page post frequency. Our sample set includes: 4,604 posts 2,144 pages Minimum post frequency: 0 posts/day Maximum post frequency: 12 posts/day First we wanted to see how often page admins in our sample set were posting. We [...]



July 20, 2011

Facebook Pages: Asking Questions Doesn’t Increase Interaction Rate

At recent conferences, the buzz has been that asking questions and being conversational improves your Facebook pages’ comments and likes, or, interaction rate. We define the interaction rate as the sum of the  number of likes and comments for a post divided by the number of page likes, at the time of publishing. In this [...]



July 14, 2011

All Facebook Feature: 9 Secrets Of Viral Marketing on FB

Chris Turizin, CEO & co-founder of Momentus Media was recently interviewed by All Facebook’s Brian Carter. Below are some quick takeaways. 9 Secrets of Viral Marketing On Facebook Click rate * share rate = viral index Create an instant emotional response Cater to 100 percent of the population Make me look sexy Amplify my emotions [...]


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