Executive Summary (just for you): Facebook Marketing Conference

author: admin date: March 5, 2012

In case you didn’t watch the whole thing either, here’s a 1-minute summary of Josh Constine’s excellent post on takeaways from last week’s Facebook Marketing Conference.

1. Reach Generator
FB is releasing an ad feature called Reach Generator that guarantees impressions of Page posts to 75% of a page’s fans over the course of a month.  Nice, although it’s only available through premium ad accounts that FB manages.


2. Timeline for Brand Pages
- You can no longer have a default landing tab — this just means pages have to rely more on advertising apps through the feed and ads, but this should not be a big deal because very little traffic to pages comes from organic visits anyway.
- You can “pin” a post to the top of your page so it stays there forever
- Fans can now send direct messages to pages

3. New ad units
There’s new real estate for ads on the logout page and in the mobile news feed.


4. Offers
The “Offers” feature is a new type of post available in the page publisher and directly emails the user a voucher or code when they click on the offer.  It will be available to pages “in the next few weeks”.


5. Real-time Insights
Previously insights on posts took 2 days to refresh, now they will be available 5-10 minutes after posts are published.

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