Sour Punch: How Far Would You Go For… Sour Punch? Video Contest

author: admin date: August 26, 2011
Using the insight that Sour Punch fans enjoyed making videos for the brand. What better way to create social engagement on Facebook than hosting a video contest.  Users were posed the question, “How far would you go for… Sour Punch?” as a spring board for inspiration.  Users were able to enter as well as, vote on each others video entries to win prizes weekly with the ultimate goal of winning $5,000 grand prize


RESULTS In 1.5 months we saw

  • 5,000 votes
  • 30,000 video views
  • 38,000 users


cateogories: Case Studies

  • C.A Advert Solutions

    I think requesting videos for a contest is one of the most genius ways of getting the audience to engage. People love an opportunity to be goofy for something like a food or other favorite brand.

    Nice little case study.

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