Taio Cruz: Hangover Chronicle

author: admin date: November 8, 2011

Taio Cruz called upon us help him engage his Facebook fans. Drawing on the popularity for his wildly popular song, “Hangover” we brainstormed and designed an app that translated the attributes of his single into an analyzer and info-graphic generator on Facebook. To make this happen users were able to analyze their Facebook photos and wall posts to reveal past chronicles of their most party moments. Using our “Party Pic/Word Detection Algorithm” we pulled out the users craziest party pic, number count of party words, most party wall post, and revealed users wingman or woman. This data generated a personalized easy to read info-graphic users could share with their friends and post to their newsfeed.

cateogories: Analysis, Brands, Case Studies

  • http://musically.com/2011/11/11/taio-cruz-gets-hangover-chronicle-facebook-app-to-promote-new-single/ Taio Cruz gets Hangover Chronicle Facebook app to promote new single

    [...] Taio Cruz’s new single Hangover, though, and it has a Facebook application to promote it from Momentus Media. People sign in on the social network, and it works this [...]

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